COLEX P.E. foam has been developed to resist against chemicals and not absorb water

Florex Insulation Co., Ltd., the specialized manufacturer of insulation material, has developed the products with professional and innovative technology to apply in different industrial fields. Moreover, the products have high quality, competitive price and rapid delivery to meet customers’ requirement.


As far as we know, foam products have been improved on its quality and technology for years to meet the diversified demands from markets.  Take COLEX P.E. foam as an example, it is a fabulous insulation material which is made by high polymer, polyethylene, blowing agent through high-temperature and high-pressure. The cross-linkage and closed cell foam structure makes it be excellent to be used in an air conditioner insulation, engineering insulation, engineering facility, sound insulation, and product packing.

FLOREX has been established for more than 30 years to always pursue the Innovative material and improve the material used in engineering facility and equipment.  For the environmental protection and the restrict demand from customers, the company has researched and produced insulation materials without any ozone-depleting substances contained under the strict quality control.  Meanwhile, the new aspect and technology of high density P.E. foam product – FLOREX PIPE SUPPORT has been developed accordingly.  All products have also conformed to ASTM, SGS and others testing standard.
FLOREX has devoted to the research and development for environment-friendly products, provides and improved the quality to meet customers’ demand, maintains the reasonable and competitive price, manufactures good-quality products and offers good service to create mutual business opportunities and benefits.


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