7 ways to get a new job in 2017


The year is ending and with the New Year approaching, it’s that time of the year where some make New Year’s resolutions, some try and change habits and some well, they try changing their jobs! Now if you fall in the last category, then there are some ways which are more successful in grabbing the eyeballs of the recruiters than the others. Here are seven ways in which you can better equip yourself in getting a new job!

  • Look Inside: You may want to leave your job and look for better avenues, what better way than to start with the ‘Internal Job Portal’ within your company. In case you are dissatisfied with your profile, try discussing it with your reporting manager and seek a switch internally.
  • Update Your CV: Yes, you have heard it a hundred times before and that’s probably because it is that important. Update your CV to include what you’ve done recently. Stress more on the recent activities and/or the activities linked to the role you want to get into.
  • Take Some Relevant courses: It’s never too late to learn some new skills. The internet is full of portals where you can learn skills relevant to the position you are in or the position you seek to apply.
  • Learnability: No matter where you are and whichever position you are in, your learnability determines your flexibility and adaptability to learning new things. A high learnability is going to set you apart from your others, who are content at where they are. Not only is learnability important for getting jobs, but for also outgrowing them.
  • Go Social: Use professional social media networks like LinkedIn and Cohort to find out about new jobs. Keep your profile updated on these portals when you apply. Continuously post new articles and posts, give the impression of what you can be at work!
  • Network: Networking isn’t just about LinkedIn and dropping messages seeking new opportunities. Connect to people, attend seminars, take part in different workshops, initiate conversations without motives and just stay in touch!
  • Get Referred: One of the best ways to get a new job is through a referral. Ask your friends to give you a leg up by referring you to any relevant position you might be interested in. It’s one of the best ways to skip the screening step in which myriads of CVs compete with yours.

Source From : http://www.careerbilla.com/articles/article-details/7-ways-to-get-a-new-job-in-2017



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