Tips to choose the best lawn mower for gardening


When choosing a lawn mower for gardening purposes, many customers take into consideration the dealer, brand, features, price and many other things. However, the most essential factor is the kind of garden you have. Do you have an open expanse or a postage-stamp-size of lawn?  It is a well-known fact that the topography, shape, and size of your land will decide the type of Lawn mower that suits you the best.

Several gardeners want to have a leafy and lush green lawn. In order to get such kind of lawn, the gardeners need an excellent lawnmower for their garden. So, it is very essential to have a good quality mower which suits your garden and grass size. However, buying a perfect lawn cutting machine can be a daunting task. If you go to a market to purchase it, then you may find several different types of machines which can make you confused. For your convenience, we are going to share with you few tips to choose the best lawn mower for your garden.

Manual Reel Lawn Mowers-

Benefits of Manual Reel Lawn Mowers

• It is good for your grass’ health
• It can make your lawn look nicer
• It can make mowing a pleasure
• It does not emit pollution
• Cheaper
• It is a simple machine

Basic Purpose

• These types of mowers are used for smaller lawns that are relatively smooth as well as flat.
• The main purpose of Manual Reel Lawn Mowers is for cutting grass for your flat, small lawn.

 As these Lawn mowers do not have an engine, so they are very lightweight. These mowers shave few moving parts and thus don’t require much maintenance and save money on repairs. When it comes to the cons of it, then you will get one issue with it, to realize the best cutting job, you need to walk at a quick speed.

Electric Lawn Mowers

• If you have an adequate extension cord, you may use these mowers on any lawn up to 3 quarters of 1 acre.
• These types of mowers are efficient and strong.
• You don’t need to worry about repair or service of the mowers.
• Electric Lawn Mowers are a perfect choice for flat, smaller yards as well as large lawns.

Basic purpose

• The basic purpose of Electric Lawn Mowers is to make the work quite convenient and easy.
• The main purpose of this machine is to help ease the burden of use while cutting grass.

We can say that these mowers are similar to the battery-operated mowers. The disadvantage of Electric Lawn Mowers is that these Mowers must be linked to electricity through extension cords.

Petrol lawnmowers

The utility of Petrol lawnmowers is to make cutting grass a breeze. It can make easy job to cut grass. It does not require human power so you don’t need to take any risk of being electrocuted. They are a lot more powerful. These mowers are a great choice for large yards. However, these mowers are very costly, yet very strong and fast.  Always, keep in mind that these mowers may require servicing, and you may require to check and top-up the oil. Relying on your power requirements, the price is between INR150 to INR500.

Mower Maths

You can consider other factors, while choosing the mower. Here is the detail:

• For Large lawn (250+ sq m), you can buy petrol lawn mowers.
• For Small lawn (up to 100 sq m), you can buy cordless and electric lawn mowers.
• For Medium lawn (100 – 250 sq m), you can buy petrol, cordless and electric lawn mowers.

Other factors to consider:

Along with the above mentioned types of lawn mower, you can consider the following factors:

• Self-propelled
• Grass box
• Mulch mowers
• Cutting width
• Cutting height
• Rear roller
• Robot lawn mowers

After mowing, you should always remove grass and leaves clippings and feed the garden in autumn and spring with a particular lawn fertilizer. You should ensure that you select the suitable one. We hope the above mentioned tips will be helpful for you!

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