Top 3 Easy Steps for Your Rear Windshield Replacement


Are you going to an auto glass repair and replacement company for your damaged windshield? First, learn something how to replace a windshield.

Any kind of automotive glass is crucial for your safety. So, if you have gotten your windshield damaged or your rear glass is broken, you have to immediately resort to an auto glass repair and replacement company. But before you resort to them and their highly skilled and well-trained technicians take a look at the issue, you also must have some knowledge about the process. Otherwise, you will not know whether they have given a good service or not.

Here, we have put together the vital steps of doing a front or rear windshield replacement.

Remove the Old Windshield

Firstly take care and remove the plastic mouldings around the windshield. Then find out the best way to separate the windshield from the pinch-weld. If you have to remove it, you must cut it away from the pinch-weld by using a cold knife or a razor, either from the inside or the outside of the vehicle. Now you have to cut the urethane which is quite a strong yet flexible polymer-based adhesive. It is wise to cut the urethane from inside because otherwise, you might face a problem if the windshield is placed too close to the pinch-weld. Some installers also use power cutters as they are faster but sometimes they can do more damage to the metal pinch-weld. Now comes a very crucial point when the windshield has to be removed. Open the front door on both the sides of the car, reach one arm in to slightly push the glass away from the pinch-weld and then get hold of the glass from outside the car and lift it straight up off the weld.

Preparing the Pinch-Weld

Clean the visible dirt on the pinch-weld with plain water or a brush as it can reduce the adhesion of the urethane and the windshield. Remove any rust from the pinch-weld. Then, tape off the area around the spot or other areas which have not been sanded and thereby protect the inside of your car using tapes and sheets of plastic and paper. Next, you must prime any bare metal which will not only help with the adhesion of the urethane but will also prevent the metal from rusting in future.

Install the New Windshield

Use a primer on the frit band so that it opens the molecules on the band accepting the urethane molecules. The best tool often used by the auto glass specialists for applying the urethane is an electric caulking gun. The electric gun makes it easy for the installers to wind blow the dust from the pinch-weld before the urethane adhesive is applied. Align the top bottom and the sides carefully. Now you may install the windshield by setting on the top of the pinch-weld. Some installers like to tape the windshield after it is put in its place as the windshield holds it until the urethane gets dried up. Allow the urethane to set before start driving. It takes something between 1 hour and 24 hours, depending on the kind of urethane has been used. Next, you have to replace the windshield gasket and put back the windshield clips.

Now, do you have a somewhat idea about rear windshield replacement? So, even if you resort to a repair and replacement company, you will have some prior knowledge of the processes. This will also help you select a good auto glass repair and replacement company near you.

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